On behalf of all the members of the Cherokee Foothills Hunting Retriever Club, we would like to "welcome" you and your retriever to our organization. In the Hunting Retriever Club (HRC), you will meet many people that share your interest of exploring the marshes and fields with their four-legged hunting companion. MEMBERSHIP FORM

While retriever training books and videos are helpful, training with a group of people allows you to meet others who have had, or, are having the same training problems you are having. Plus, many of the people who you train with will motivate you to improve the skills of your dog. All this training truly pays off when the real hunting season comes.

The Cherokee Foothills HRC, Inc. is a charter member of the National Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. and is affiliated with the United Kennel Club, inc., the world's largest working dog registry. UKC, Inc. licenses our hunts, maintains bur retriever's points, and awards the titles that our retrievers earn.

We invite you to join us at the local level in training your hunting dog. You will find the members of HRC to be very helpful and friendly. The more you put into your retriever and your Club, the more you will benefit.

HUNTERS - Do You Own A Retriever?

Would you like to see your dog become an even better hunting companion?

Do you find training books and videos helpful, but wish you could find someone to train with?

Do you believe a good retriever is an important wildlife conservation tool for the hunter?

Do you wish you could send your dog to an unseen downed bird?

Would you like to be part of a national organization that bring hunters together to help each other train their hunting dogs and test the dogs in realistic hunting situations?

If so, read on; the Cherokee Hunting Retriever Club could be just the ticket.

"CONCEIVED BY HUNTERS FOR HUNTERS" is both the philosophy and reality of the Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. ("HRC). Established in 1984, the primary purpose of HRC is ".... the betterment of Hunting Retrievers as a whole and to influence the breeding and training of a better and finer Hunting Retriever; to provide hunters and Hunting Retrievers a series of actual Hunting Tests in a controlled system and furnish an ongoing educational program for the Hunters, for their training, experience, and sporting competition. Further, it is the purpose of this Association to support and protect the inherent rights of its members to own, hunt, bear arms, to promote the breed and type of dog of their choice and, promote complimentary conservation and management of game birds and wildlife species commonly pursued by the members of the Hunting Retriever Club, Inc.

HRC is affiliated with the United Kennel Club, Ine., in Kalamazoo, MI, who carries the registry for the HRC. HRC is a non-profit organization, governed by a Board of Directors and an elected Executive Committee. Their work is all volunteer work, with the exception of the Administrative Secretary who is paid an annual salary. Membership in HRC is open to all persons regardless of age, race, religion, creed, or national origin. The HRC is family-oriented offering outdoor fun and fellowship to its participants.

Participation by women and children is strongly encouraged and a wholesome atmosphere is maintained at all times. While most HRC members own retrieving breeds, participation in events is open to those with other versatile hunting dog breeds that can do the work.

HRC maintains its common sense... hunting realism in testing Hunting Retrievers. There are five ability-based (not age) categories that the dogs may enter in the HRCTests: Started, Seasoned, Finished, Upland, and Grand. Unlike field trials, these are not competitive (1 st, 2nd, and 3rd place events); but tests where all dogs are judged on a pass or fail. .. they are judged against a "Hunting Standard" These events are great fun where everyone can cheer for the other person's dog and help each other with their training. The judges must be experienced Hunters and must pass HRC administered tests, apprentice as judges, have a hunter safety card, attend judging seminars, have handled and passed a dog in the category that they are judging and meet other HRC requirements. Good 'Hunting-oriented' judges are the key to having tests with hunting realism.

The tests are directly related to hunting the retriever in the field, for waterfowl, and upland game. Bird Boys throwing the birds must be inconspicuous and blend in with the local hunting conditions. The Handler must wear camouflaged or other hunting attire.

A hunt test is an effort to consistently replicate actual hunting situations for the hunter and the hunting retriever. The dogs are not competing again each other but a defined standard. The judges are looking for dogs that make useful hunting companions and evaluate dogs based on the five desirable traits of a hunting retriever; marking, memory, nose, desire, style, and control.